Use the arrow keys/WASD on the keyboard to move the robot
Lomdim Likro

"Lomdim Likro" is my solo freelance project, meticulously developed using React and Firebase. It serves as a comprehensive quiz creation app tailored for preschool children up to first-grade students, allowing them to assess and improve their reading levels.

These days, I am collaborating with a company to seamlessly integrate my Quiz Creation App into their platform, following its successful evaluation and approval by the Ministry of Education's board.

Inside My Brain

Hi, I'm Omri Madar.
I am a Full Stack Developer with expertise in JavaScript, React, HTML, CSS, Node, and more. My passion lies in coding and creating innovative solutions from scratch. Challenges excite me, and I thoroughly enjoy devising effective solutions to complex problems.

After experimenting with THREE.js, a 3D JavaScript Library, I conceived the idea for this portfolio. My goal was to create a captivating and interactive platform to showcase my skills and past projects. I am continually seeking opportunities to learn, engage in unique ventures, and tackle challenging projects.

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